Bi Men on the Net

Interesting results from recent online polls completed by men.  Many gay men believe that all the men they have sex with are gay. But there is more than meets the eye about men who have sex with men than most people might think.

The Internet has become a very effective tool for bi men to communicate and to meet one another. We'll look at some recent online poll results, and use them to deconstruct and destroy the myth of the non-existent bi man.


Presentation by George Fisher

2003 North American
Conference on Bisexuality

Aug. 21-24, 2003, San Diego, USA


a. Do you consider yourself bi, gay or something else? 581 votes:
46% bi, 27% gay, 27% something else
b. Do you prefer sex with men or women? 116 votes:
to be discussed
c. Are you out or closeted? 119 votes:
14% bisexuals are out, 67% are closeted
d. Categories of bisexuality 48 votes: to be discussed

a. Does your spouse/girlfriend know that you are bi? 237 votes:
51% don't tell, 49% tell
b. Do you still have sex with your spouse/girlfriend? 114 votes: 62% have, 39% have less or don't have at all
c. Do you have bi extramarital encounters?
188 votes: 86% have, 14% don't have
d. How happy are you with your bi life?
172 votes: 78% are happy, 22% are unhappy

a. Have you been involved in group sex?
343 votes:
87% have had group sex, 13% have had no group sex

4. BI vs. GAY
a. Typical bisexual behavior?
701 votes:
to be discussed
Are more bi or gay men sexually on top? 126 votes: More bi men seem to be sexually on top

a. What makes a "real" masculine man?
2165 votes:
In descending order: loving/caring, big dick, top, gentle, butch, stocky, big balls, 40+
b. What makes a "real" masculine man? (sorted by aspects)

What's the best place to meet bi married men? 1097 votes:
In descending order: Internet, everywhere, yahoogroups, adult bookshops, workdays, public toilets
Best strategies if you are trying to date a bi married man 365 votes:
In descending order: Nodding, compliments, rubbing dick, smiling, direct talk
c. Worst strategies if you are trying to date a bi married man
135 votes:
In descending order: Waiting for clear sign, staring, no smile, following, gay attitude

The online polls are running at these bi oriented free yahoogroups:

thebiOS established Apr 02 2.670 members
datedick established Aug 01 3.560
bi_married_dad established Feb 01 2.870
businessdick established Dec 00 7.320
    16.420 total members (August 03)

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